West Wittering Estate

The Southern Co-op
September 28, 2018

West Wittering Estate Plc (WWE) wish to maintain not only the rural and undeveloped nature of the beach, but to look for opportunities to highlight and enhance this unique landscape to visitors, in line with the ambitions of those who founded the company. However, we live in a different world now so some changes can’t be avoided if we are to provide for our current customers, to meet current standards and optimise income for the company.

SMD are proud to be working with WWE to provide a new beachside Café. Visitors choose to come to the Estate because of the beach, with East Head as one of the most iconic parts of After nearly 60 years, the existing café has come to the end of its life. It is no longer fit for purpose nor able to meet current operational requirements and the expectations of the customers. “The existing café is poor; provides poor food and poor experience”. The company now needs to replace it with an appropriate overall catering solution that can serve our visitors in peak summer season effectively, and provide an appealing café for our off-season visitors, particularly when the weather is inclement. Catering services is an additional feature rather than the reason for visiting. The new Cafe building is an opportunity to set the tone as to how the company will manage an increasing number of visitors in a safe, efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way.