Construction Consultancy Services

Quantity Surveying

Guiding you through the whole construction process.

At SMD we will look after your money like it is our own. We appreciate that our clients do not have an unlimited amount of money and that a project budget has to be adhered too. We will guide you through the whole of the construction process from the initial feasibility estimate, to ensure the vision is financially viable, all the way through to a quick settlement of the final account.

We pride ourselves on offering costs direct from the market, with years of consolidating relationships with local sub-consultants. This accurate cost forecasting ensures our clients do not waste fees designing a building they cannot afford, and ensures a closer working relationship with the design team as they do not lose faith designing the same building many times.

Project Management

Developing a clear project programme

We believe the key to successful project management is getting the whole design team working together towards the same end goal. We hope that getting everyone passionate and working together will ensure a happy working environment and will result in an excellent building for our clients. At SMD we ensure all meetings are clearly arranged and detailed minutes taken. A clear project programme is developed at our initial appointment with clear dates and goals which the whole design team adheres to.

Contract Administration

Advising on the different construction contracts available.

At SMD we hope that once a construction contract is executed it is put on the shelf and never needed again. However, we also appreciate that sometimes in life, even with the best intentions, things do not always go to plan. That is why we will guide clients to the selection of the procurement route that is right for them and their project. We will then advise on the different construction contracts available and guide you through the pros & cons of each. Once agreed, we will ensure the contract is strictly administered throughout the construction process.